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2x Brake Discs Pair Vented fits VOLVO V60 Mk1 Front 10 to 18 336mm Set 30769057

2x Brake Discs Pair Vented fits VOLVO V60 Mk1 Front 10 to 18 336mm Set 30769057
2x Brake Discs Pair Vented fits VOLVO V60 Mk1 Front 10 to 18 336mm Set 30769057

2x Brake Discs Pair Vented fits VOLVO V60 Mk1 Front 10 to 18 336mm Set 30769057    2x Brake Discs Pair Vented fits VOLVO V60 Mk1 Front 10 to 18 336mm Set 30769057
Please use the make model tool above to check the part fits your vehicle. 2x Brake Discs Pair Vented fits VOLVO V60 Mk1 Front 10 to 18 336mm Set 30769057. These products are designed to be used as originally intended and not modified for purpose. Please ensure the products are installed by a competent individual. Products are usually supplied without fitting instructions. 8DD 355 119-131, 8DD 355 119-132. 883440.0000, 883440.0060, 883440.0080, 883440.6060, 883440.6880, 883440.6980.

RT 4508, RT 4508-GL, RT 4508-GL T3, RT 4508-GL T5, RT 4508-GL T6, RT 4508-GL T9. Compatible with the following OEM references.

VOLVO S60 II (134) 2.0 T. For brake disc diameter: 336 mm. VOLVO S60 II (134) 2.5 T.

VOLVO S60 II (134) D2. VOLVO S60 II (134) D3.

VOLVO S60 II (134) D4. VOLVO S60 II (134) D4 AWD. VOLVO S60 II (134) D4 Drive-E Polestar. VOLVO S60 II (134) D5. VOLVO S60 II (134) D5 AWD. VOLVO S60 II (134) D5 Drive-E Polestar. VOLVO S60 II (134) DRIVe / D2. VOLVO S60 II (134) T2. VOLVO S60 II (134) T3. VOLVO S60 II (134) T4. VOLVO S60 II (134) T4F. VOLVO S60 II (134) T5.

VOLVO S60 II (134) T5 AWD. VOLVO S60 II (134) T5 DRIVe. VOLVO S60 II (134) T6.

VOLVO S60 II (134) T6 AWD. VOLVO S80 II (124) 1.6 D DRIVe. VOLVO S80 II (124) 1.6 DRIVe. VOLVO S80 II (124) 2.0. VOLVO S80 II (124) 2.0 Drive- E.

VOLVO S80 II (124) 2.0 FlexFuel. VOLVO S80 II (124) 2.0 T. VOLVO S80 II (124) 2.0 TDi. VOLVO S80 II (124) 2.4 D. VOLVO S80 II (124) 2.5 T.

VOLVO S80 II (124) 2.5 T FlexFuel. VOLVO S80 II (124) 3.2. VOLVO S80 II (124) 3.2 AWD. VOLVO S80 II (124) 4.4 V8 AWD. VOLVO S80 II (124) D3.

VOLVO S80 II (124) D3 / D4. VOLVO S80 II (124) D4.

VOLVO S80 II (124) D5. VOLVO S80 II (124) D5 AWD. VOLVO S80 II (124) T4. VOLVO S80 II (124) T4F. VOLVO S80 II (124) T5. VOLVO S80 II (124) T6 AWD. VOLVO V60 I (155) 1.6 DRIVe.

VOLVO V60 I (155) 2.0 T. VOLVO V60 I (155) D2. VOLVO V60 I (155) D3. VOLVO V60 I (155) D3 / D4. VOLVO V60 I (155) D4.

VOLVO V60 I (155) D4 AWD. VOLVO V60 I (155) D5. VOLVO V60 I (155) D5 AWD. VOLVO V60 I (155) D5 Hybrid AWD. VOLVO V60 I (155) D6 Hybrid AWD.

VOLVO V60 I (155) T2. VOLVO V60 I (155) T3. VOLVO V60 I (155) T4. VOLVO V60 I (155) T4F.

VOLVO V60 I (155) T5. VOLVO V60 I (155) T6. VOLVO V60 I (155) T6 AWD. VOLVO V70 III (135) 1.6 D. VOLVO V70 III (135) 1.6 DRIVe / D2.

VOLVO V70 III (135) 2.0. VOLVO V70 III (135) 2.0 D. VOLVO V70 III (135) 2.0 FlexiFuel. VOLVO V70 III (135) 2.0 GDI. VOLVO V70 III (135) 2.0 T.

VOLVO V70 III (135) 2.4 D. VOLVO V70 III (135) 2.5 T. VOLVO V70 III (135) 2.5 T FlexiFuel. VOLVO V70 III (135) 3.2.

VOLVO V70 III (135) 3.2 AWD. VOLVO V70 III (135) D2. VOLVO V70 III (135) D3. VOLVO V70 III (135) D3 / D4. VOLVO V70 III (135) D4. VOLVO V70 III (135) D4 AWD. VOLVO V70 III (135) D5. VOLVO V70 III (135) D5 AWD. VOLVO V70 III (135) T4. VOLVO V70 III (135) T4F. VOLVO V70 III (135) T5. VOLVO V70 III (135) T6 AWD. VOLVO V70 III Estate Van (135) 2.0 D3 DRIVe.

VOLVO V70 III Estate Van (135) 2.4 D4 AWD. VOLVO V70 III Estate Van (135) 2.4 D5. VOLVO XC70 II (136) 2.4 D. VOLVO XC70 II (136) 2.4 D / D4 AWD.

VOLVO XC70 II (136) 3.2 AWD. VOLVO XC70 II (136) D3. VOLVO XC70 II (136) D4.

VOLVO XC70 II (136) D4 AWD. VOLVO XC70 II (136) D5 AWD. VOLVO XC70 II (136) T5. VOLVO XC70 II (136) T5 AWD. VOLVO XC70 II (136) T6 AWD.

VOLVO XC70 II (136) T6 Polestar AWD. VOLVO XC70 II VAN (136) 2.0 D4. As one of the global leaders in passenger car and commercial vehicle spare parts for more than 160 years, Febi Bilstein is constantly setting new standards in the independent aftermarket: More than 20,000 OE quality spare parts, the highest standards of service and cutting edge logistics.

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  1. Brand: Febi
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: 7689759RMP
  3. MPN: 7689759RMP
  4. EAN: 4027816439660
  5. Type: Brake Disc Rotor
  6. Function: Brake Disc
  7. Rotor Style: Internally Vented
  8. Placement on Vehicle: Front Axle
  9. Outer diameter: 336.0 mm
  10. Thickness: 52.0 mm
  11. Brake Disc Thickness: 28 mm
  12. Brake Disc Type: Internally Vented
  13. Minimum thickness: 26 mm
  14. Bolt Hole Circle Diameter: 108 mm
  15. Centering Diameter: 63.6 mm
  16. Surface: Coated
  17. Weight: 11.42 kg
  18. Number of mounting bores: 1
  19. Machining: High-carbon
  20. Rim Hole Number: 5 -Hole
  21. Reference OE/OEM Number: A.: 09.9586.11, 17930, ABE: C3V024ABE, C3V024ABE-P, AKEBONO: BN-0372, BN-0372E, AKRON-MALÒ: 1110350, AP: 25107V, APEC: DSK2921, ASHIKA: 60-00-0346, 60-00-0346C, ATE: 24.0128-0210.1, BENDIX: 521462, BENDIX Braking: BDS1532, BLUE PRINT: ADF124369, BORG & BECK: BBD5960S, BOSCH: 0986479395, Brake ENGINEERING: DI956692S, BRAXIS: AD1002, BRECO: BV8716, BREMBO: 09.9586.11, BREMSI: CD7680V, BSF: 11881V, CAR: 142.1527, CIFAM: 800-1182C, COMLINE: ADC1924V, AND6929, CWORKS: C210R2014, DACO Germany: 604106, DELPHI: BG9077, BG9077C, DENCKERMANN: B130398, DJ PARTS: BD2309, DON: PCD15781, DYNAMATRIX: DBD1680, E.: 19-2638, EUROBRAKE: 5815204856, EUROBRAKE: 5815314856, EUROREPAR: 1684324280, FERODO: DDF1680, FERODO: DDF1680-1, DDF1680C-1, DDF1680C-1-D, FIT: FR1030V, FOMAR Friction: FO2960, FREMAX: BD-7292, fri.: BD1392, FTE: 9071165, 9081258, BS7202, BS7202B, GIRLING: 6048515, HART: 250277, HELLA: 8DD355119-131, 8DD355119-132, HELLA PAGID: 8DD355119-131, 8DD355119-132, IJS GROUP: 80-1376, JAPANPARTS: DI-0346, DI-0346C, JAPKO: 600346, 600346C, JURID: 562652JC, 562652JC-1, KAGER: 37-1265, 37-1410, KAMOKA: 1032852, 103607, KAWE: 6130410, KLAXCAR FRANCE: 25426z, LPR: V1016V, LYNXauto: BN-2013, MAGNETI MARELLI: 360406068000, MAGNETI MARELLI: 360406068001, MASTER-SPORT GERMANY: 24-0128-0210-1-SET-MS, 24012802101-PCS-MS, MASTER-SPORT GERMANY: 24012802101PR-PCS-MS, MAXGEAR: 19-2338, MAXGEAR: 19-2338SPORT, MAXTECH: 883440.0000, 883440.0060, MAXTECH: 883440.0080, 883440.6060, 883440.6880, 883440.6980, METELLI: 23-1182C, METZGER: 6110659, MEYLE: 5835210003/PD, MGA: D1812, MINTEX: MDC2035, MOTAQUIP: LVBD1670, 43966

2x Brake Discs Pair Vented fits VOLVO V60 Mk1 Front 10 to 18 336mm Set 30769057    2x Brake Discs Pair Vented fits VOLVO V60 Mk1 Front 10 to 18 336mm Set 30769057